Green circle announcing Gold Award for Best Vegan Chocolates


Hands down, Lulubee has the best chocolate in town! I freaking love everything that Gaylene makes. She puts so much love and intentionality into her chocolates. When you buy from Lulubee, you’re truly supporting a dream. I wish I could bathe in her chocolate!

—Bryce P.

These chocolates are beautifully made, and they TASTE incredible!

Absolutely perfect! I love every single flavor.

—Michelle B.

Everything I’ve had from Lulubee has been delicious! The toffee is my favorite, along with the cookies and cream bar. You really can’t go wrong with anything, though, especially with the fun flavors of bonbons!

—Vera Lynn P.

Gourmet Truffles & Bonbons

Taste why handcrafted gourmet truffles and bonbons make chocolate lovers swoon. Crafted by chocolatier Gaylene Steinbach, these artisan recipes have been tried and tested by the most discerning palates. 

With more than 20 signature flavors, you’re bound to find your new favorite flavors.

Give a chocolate gift box to all the chocolate lovers on your list. Build your own or let us curate one for you.

3 gourmet chocolate truffles sitting on a pink book with a metal label holder on the spine. The 3 truffles are light brown. 1 truffle has a bite out of it and browned butter caramel is dripping out
Smiling person in a store with gourmet chocolate truffles on the counter and in a glass-enclosed display. 3 shelves with brown package are in the background

Handmade & Small Batch

Welcome to my kitchen!

Experience the taste of gourmet chocolate truffles that are hand painted, filled with tested-to-perfection ganaches, jellies, and caramels, and made with artisan recipes made right here in Lincoln, NE. 

We’re driven to use ingredients you can pronounce and artisanal goods from our neighbors here in the Heartland.


Gourmet Caramels

Soft-buttery caramels with bright flecks of flavor makes me swoon. You, too? I knew we were meant to be friends!

From traditional Sea Salt Caramels, Turtles with locally sourced pecans, to soft naturally flavored caramels, you (and everyone on your gift list) are in for a treat!

Hand sprinkling sea salt on caramels covered in dark chocolate
Bowl filled with pieces of English toffee with gourmet milk chocolate spread on top and then sprinkled with chopped almonds

Gourmet English Toffee

Visit us on our toffee-making days and you may never leave. This soft and oh-so-buttery English toffee is a fan favorite and because it’s so good, the bag of toffee may never make it home.

Filled with toasted nuts and drenched in our gourmet chocolate—trust me, you defo need to get an extra bag.


Artisan Chocolate Bars

Break off a corner. Did you hear that? That crisp snap means you’re about to bite into a perfectly tempered artisan chocolate bar.

Whether it’s crispy sea salt, or locally sourced espresso, we make sure to embed flavors and textures into every gourmet chocolate bar.

Stack of artisanal chocolate bars in dark, milk, and white chocolates with inclusions in each one.
Ladle pouring milk into a white mug filled with a Salted Caramel Sipping Chocolate Bomb

Gourmet Chocolate Confections

Tuck a package of our delicious chocolate-covered confections—like espresso beans or orange peel—into your desk drawer so it’s handy whenever you need an afternoon pick-me-up. Or cozy up with our seasonal gourmet Sipping Chocolate.