If you love chocolate … or even like ityou’ll LOVE Lulubee Chocolates. Beautiful storefront, customer service was like none other, and I can’t even begin to describe how delicious their chocolates are. I purchased bonbons and three different chocolate bars. I’ll definitely be back soon!
—Tyler V.

Soooo good! You really can’t go wrong with any of the flavors, but the Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels and the Mocha are showstoppers. Great local place, and the owner is really passionate about her flavors.
—Zach D.

I wish I could give these chocolates 10 stars! I found them years ago at a winery in Ashland and have been addicted ever since. I give them as gifts to family and friends, and always keep some for myself. Delicious, and the friendliest people to work with!
—Nan R.
Smiling person in a store with gourmet chocolate truffles on the counter and in a glass-enclosed display. 3 shelves with brown package are in the background

Chocolatier Gaylene Steinbach

After learning to make small-batch, artisanal chocolates, my passion for all things chocolate-covered bubbled into a small business located in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Since starting, I’ve made loads of friends, won awards [blush-blush], and followed my passion for developing flavors so good they make you say, “wow!”

So shut down the media, close your eyes, and sink your teeth into one of my bon bons … now let the flavors settle on your tongue. Pretty soon, you’re gonna say, “Oh … wow!”

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Our Process

To ensure you have an indulgent moment, we’re committed to hand-crafting every morsel. To make them, we:

  1. Hand-polish every mold to ensure each bon bon shines like a gem.
  2. Hand-paint each mold so, although they look similar to others, they’re still as unique as you!
  3. Pour perfectly tempered chocolate into each mold to create thin walls of chocolate.
  4. Pipe our tested-to-perfection ganache, caramel, jellies, and gianduja into those perfect chocolate shells.

We’re committed to decadent flavors, all-natural ingredients, and the patience to make these treats divine.

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3 trays with 3 rows of gourmet chocolate truffles on each one. The truffles on the left are dark brown with sea salt sprinkled on them, dark blue in the center, and tan the right. Shelving with product packaging is in the background
Person holding a tray of gourmet chocolate truffles that have an orange circle on the top of each one. Another tray of green truffles with white stripes sits next to it. There are more truffles in the case below

Guiding Principles

We are driven to give you an indulgent tasting experience that stirs memories, ignites your palate, and begs you to slow down and breathe.

We are committed to:
  1. Creating hand-crafted indulgent morsels that delight.
  2. Supporting local businesses—whether my trusty printer, our local coffee roaster, or sourcing honey from a sweet beekeeper.
  3. Developing flavors that are rooted in my lived experience—here’s my invitation to share that experience with you.
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