Inquiring minds

Got a burning Q? Take a peek at these As.   

Do you ship?

Good question! We believe that these handmade goodies are best enjoyed fresh from our local suppliers. But if you’re not in town, I’d be happy to send these yummies to you—only if the weather permits! So if the temperature is flirting with the 70s, then no chocolate for you. (Boo!) Hope you understand!

I'm planning a big event. Can I buy your chocolates in bulk?

An event? Oooh … can’t wait to hear all about it! Yep, I have worked with a number of party planners and would love to chat with you about your needs.

Where is your store?

Awww … I’m just a bitty little start-up with no brick-and-mortar. Instead, you can find my oh-inducing goodies at the oh-so-friendly stores that carry my goodies. Click the “Our Stores” link in the menu.

Um ... how'd you get those colors on your chocolate?

When I was 11, I got a letter from Hogwarts. I spent the next few years practicing charms and … voilá—pretty colors!

You said you're a solo shop. Do you really make all of those bonbons?

Well … from time to time my youngest will help me make chocolate-coated dreams. Other than that, yep, my two little hands do all the work!