Mint Leaf bon bon

I’ve had a long-time love affair with mint.

As a little kid, my family and I went to visit some friends. One evening, I remember trotting out back and helping her gather a big bunch of mint. We headed back inside, and I got to carry a handful of mint.

That scent. Bright. Mind-clearing. Alive. And zippy fresh.

Fresh Mint + Hot Water = Best Childhood Memory

The next time you see a bunch of fresh mint, stop, close your eyes, and take a deep breath.

I watched as she poured hot water over those green leaves, and the fresh scent bloomed in the air.

Into a mug it went and, for a teeny kid who’d never had tea before—I felt decadent (almost sinful!) as I sipped on it!

I nod to that technique every time I make my Mint Leaf bonbon. But rather than steeping mint leaves in water, I let them steep in rich, thick cream.

Mint Leaf bon bon

Fresh mint leaves sprinkled throughout the ganache make this bon bon extra special.

Once that cream has the perfect note of mint, I stir in my sweet white chocolate and make a creamy ganache. Then, to add a little more freshness (I’m good that way!), I sprinkle in some freshly minced mint leaves, and finally, I pour that goodness into a dark chocolate shell.

And yep, to this day, I still swoon over mint!