Strawberry Balsamic bon bon

As a kiddo, summertime meant working in the garden. And then … hauling our harvest into the kitchen and doing a little more work over the hot stove.

Fresh strawberries—hulled, sliced, then dumped into a big pot. Pour in sugar. Add a squeeze of lemon. And then … blurp … the warm scent of summer comes bubbling outta that pot and gives you a steamy, strawberry-scented facial.

Then ladling that warm goodness into hot Ball jars and, finally hearing the happy popping sound throughout the kitchen as the lids magically sealed themselves.


B (of Lulubee)

And she’s all grown up and heading to college in a few weeks. [Wah!]

Although I don’t have rooms filled with bottled peaches, jars of handmade salsa, and containers of tangy dilly beans like my mama does, there’s still something intrinsically rewarding when I make the most out of my harvest—even if it’s the harvest I nabbed at the farmer’s market!

Except nowadays, I don’t store my strawberry jam for the winter months, instead I stir it into my rich milk chocolate to make the strawberry ganache in my Strawberry Balsamic bon bon.


Strawberry Balsamic bon bon

Homemade strawberry jam (just like mama used to make) helps make the scrummy strawberry-chocolate ganache.