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S’Mores bon bon

There we were—three generations sitting under the pergola. Conversations were easy but as evening approached the chill threatened to kibosh our get-together. So we started a fire and the kids ran inside to grab the summer essentials: graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate bars. (And the more adventurous pulled out some new flavors—cinnamon bears, peanut butter […]

Hazelnut Gianduja bon bon

What is there about hazelnuts that transport me to Europe. [Gosh, that sounds so … uppity!] But there’s something so nummy about that sweet and buttery little nut that packs a heck of a crunch. Pair it with chocolate (and add a little cuppa strong coffee) and I’m in, all in! In fact, I love […]

PB&J bon bon

Aaannnnd … I blinked and summer is over. How did that happen?!? Yep, my youngest is off to school tomorrow and my oldest has already started packing for her move to college in a few weeks. Ack! And as my sweet Lulu figures out what she’ll wear tomorrow, my mind is tripping back to my […]