Hazelnut Gianduja bon bon

What is there about hazelnuts that transport me to Europe.

[Gosh, that sounds so … uppity!]

But there’s something so nummy about that sweet and buttery little nut that packs a heck of a crunch. Pair it with chocolate (and add a little cuppa strong coffee) and I’m in, all in!

In fact, I love this flavor combo so much that when I first started my little biz, I launched with my Hazelnut Gianduja bon bon.

To make it, I slowly roast fresh hazelnuts, which totally brings out the flavor. Then, I grind those hazelnuts until they form a thick paste.

[Secretly, I call that paste liquid gold—and, if you’ve ever tasted this bon bon, you’ll know why!]

Next, I stir in creamy milk chocolate and add some chopped hazelnuts to create just a little crunch to the delectable mixture.